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How to inspect a tire

Once a month, or before embarking on a long road trip, check your tires for wear and damage problems. An easy way to check for wear is by using the quarter test. Just grab a Canadian quarter and follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Hold the quarter between your thumb and forefinger with the quarter head facing down.
  • Select a point on your tire where tread appears the lowest and insert the figurehead first into one of the grooves.
  • If the top of the figurehead is covered by tread, you're driving with the legal and safe amount of tread. If your tread gets below that, your car's ability to grip the road in adverse conditions is greatly reduced.

(Need new tires? Use our practical BFGoodrich Tire Selector Tool)

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To make sure your car's tread is road-ready, do the Quarter Test below.

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