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Being the first tire manufacturer to win consecutive Indianapolis 500 titles was just the beginning for this iconic performance-driven brand. The brand soon found a passion for the dirtier side of racing and built a respected off-road reputation. From the deserts of Baja to the badlands of Dakar, BFGoodrich has seen — and won — it all.

It’s fitting, when you think about it, that the tire manufacturer that created the all-terrain category in the first place is still dominating the dirt today. Since their first Baja 1000 victory in 1972, they’ve racked up well over 200 off-road championships. Including a stretch of 21 consecutive Baja 1000 titles between 1986 and 2007 — making BFGoodrich the benchmark for North America Desert racing.

But like any great competitor, BFGoodrich grew restless and wanted to see what else the world had to offer. 2006 became a turning point in their global legacy, as they entered the World Rally Championship (WRC), helping Sébastien Loeb secure the title five years running and providing the Citroën and Ford teams win the constructors' championship. During their brief time in the WRC (2006-10), BFGoodrich won every drivers' and constructors' title up for grabs. The brand also entered the IRC in 2007, winning in its first year with Peugeot.

BFGoodrich built upon this success, winning titles in the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and Dakar. With eight Dakar wins in the mid 2000s, BFGoodrich returned in 2016 to pick up right where they left off, by propelling Team Peugeot to victory.

The brand’s presence is still felt at many local races, especially in North America where the quality of BFGoodrich tires excels on a wide range of surfaces, including dirt, sand, rock and asphalt, proof of the incredible versatility of BFGoodrich products.

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